13 May 2008

I am so chuffed! Honourable mention at CLD

Been a tad occupied with the dissertation write up and SBing to relieve the pressure. So when I checked out the CLD forum to see if there were any more challenges, I found that I had been given an honourable mention for the Potting Shed LO in the layout of the week competition. This was totally unexpected, given that I only joined a week ago and have probably only been SBing properly for that long!!! Thank you very much!!!

I think I'm now officially hooked on this new hobby thanks to the wonderful crew at CLD. Talk about supportive and friendly and talented! I think Scrapbooking should be recognised as an art form outside the Internet, to be shared with the greater public, rather than our own little forums and family! There is some serious talent out there which would not have surfaced without the Internet and digital scrapbooking and I hope that everyone gets the recognition they deserve! As a social comment, the medium seems to bring together women (& men but not met any yet on the forum) from all over the world, different cultures, languages and beliefs, in a non judgemental and supportive way!

I think the United Nations should take note and appoint a Digital Scrapbooking Ambassador. I'm game once the MA is in the bag but looking at the UN website makes this seem a flippant comment given all the strife and sadness in the world today. As a caveat to this, if everyone did their little bit at grass roots level by interaction with others outside their own little comfort box, we might learn a bit or two about others and so become more tolerant and less judgemental! We are privileged to live in a 1st World Nation and this is often forgotten in our day to day lives.

Must go, references to look up. Have fun

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