10 May 2010

Big Rethink

Welcome if you’ve arrived here from my Big Rethink moleskin book…

(if not, just admire the pretty pictures :-))

These were the pictures that accompanied my various thoughts and observations regarding the whole process of reshaping the way we work as academics and professionals.

I was kind of sceptical to begin, as I’m still a very ‘wet behind the ears’ academic, new to the organisation. I questioned whether my observances would mean much to the ‘establishment’.  Being ever the optimist and combining my love of digital scrapbooking with ‘work’, I came up with the following…



2   3

4   5

6   7

8   9


(Credits – Kit – That Summer Feeling, Just Earthy and Kickin Up The Leaves by GinaMarie Huff @ Weeds&Wildflowers. Fonts – Mizike and Artistamp)

Ok, I’m a very visual person and I’m a strong believer in actions (or pictures) speaking louder than words, so hopefully my cards have inspired something to go ‘pop’ in your head.  I had great fun doing them and something did go ‘pop’ for me.  The gestalt moment arrived and I eagerly await my next appraisal LOL! :-)

Have fun in whatever you do….


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