11 June 2009

Pandemic here we come!

I'm taking a break from digital scrappin' blogging, to peek my head out at the real world.
I work in healthcare and I just got the latest update from the World Health Organisation that the pandemic response alert level has been raised to level 6 (the maximum). You can check out the latest press release from Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the WHO HERE.
We're gonna be busy at work and I can't wait to see the UK papers in the morning! Will there be media hype, you bet! For my UK readers, I would strongly suggest checking out the HPA and NHS Direct/Choices websites for the latest information, rather than believing everything you read in the papers.

So, just to lighten things up a bit, I thought I'd share some cartoons with you.
Credits - untraceable, if you own these images and they are not intended
for the public domain, please contact me.

Have fun and stay healthy,

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