30 April 2008


It has been more than 8 months, 16 to be precise!
What have I been up to?

Madly finishing my dissertation which has to be in any time now.
Really hating the time I'm not sending with Minxy and hubby.

Got a hobby lined up for when I finish of digital scrapbooking.
There is such a nice community out there and it is such an inspiration. Lots of talented people out there. I will have a real play with PSE over the summer, to try and scrap over 6,000 photos since Minxy was born! Quite a task but it should be great fun when they come back from the printers and we can share them with family and friends. I also hope to be good enough to make my own kits, so that I can repay all the lovely people who have allowed me to download their freebies so far. Heres a quick preview taken from the 2 hours of snow we had a week or so ago. It only lasted 2 hours and then melted but we did manage to have a great snowball fight and guess who got covered? Me ;-)

Who knows maybe in another 2 years, I'll post again!!!

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