30 November 2006

Midnight Owl - 8 months later!!!


I'd forgotten that I had created this blog.

Quick update, I passed my MA Portfolio and now busy getting ready for ethical approval for my dissertation. Not enough hours in the day!!!

Family are fine and dandy and Minxy is getting soooo clever, but then I would say that as her mum. Her favourite phrase at the moment is 'Coffee mum, coffee mum, coffee'. She shouts this at the top of her voice whenever we go near the kitchen. Not for herself of course but for myself or Daddy.

She is so beautiful and we love her more every day. It's the little things she come out with and does. After telling her that Sid did not like toast, he promptly took it off her and the smile on her face, you should have seen it. Wait till I get Sid on his own!!!

Off to bed as I;m working tomorrow.
Hopefully it won;t be another 8 months.


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